Automatic Product Updates

The Automatic Product Updates feature will automatically push two types of updates for the products that you have imported to your Shopify store.
What we update:
New product photos
New variants added - Size and Color (Added variants will follow price rules set in your Trendsi app)
What we don't update:
Product Name
Product Description
Product Price
Please note: The summary email "Some products you added are updated" will still be sent each day to let you know which products you added have updates.
The feature is now automatically enabled, but you can toggle this feature on/off:
1. Account --> Settings --> Connected Stores --> Automatic Product Updates
2. Toggle Automatic Product Updates On/Off (Automatic Product Updates is toggled On by default)
3. If you toggle this Off, we will ask you to confirm
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4. Once toggled off, product updates will no longer be automatically synced to your Shopify listings.