Branded Invoice

Trendsi's Branded Invoice feature adds a personal touch to each of your customer's orders. 

  • Web app --> Account --> My Settings --> Packaging
  • Mobile app --> Account --> Settings --> Packaging

  • Upload Logo
    • Recommended size 320px wide x 180px tall
    • Full color or black & white supported
  • Custom Message
    • Up to 280 characters
  • Return Policy
    • While Trendsi does offer return services, we understand that it may not fit your own return policy or business needs. You now have the ability to add/remove a Return Policy on your branded invoice and also customize your return policy details.
      Go to Account --> Settings --> Packaging
      You can toggle this option on/off and it will display on your invoices. 
      If you choose to use Trendsi Return services, please follow the Trendsi Return Policy and use the same criteria in the policy details.

Click "save" and you will be able to see a live preview of what the Branded Invoice will look like. All orders, including personal sample orders, will have this invoice.