Inventory Location

You can now choose which Shopify inventory location Trendsi products can be added to. Currently, all Trendsi products will be added to your default Shopify location.
This feature may be useful if you hold your own inventory and would like to keep Trendsi's products separated.
A few things to note if you decide to move Trendsi products to a new location:
  • If you only have one Shopify location, you will need to create a new location in your Shopify admin first
  • It may take up to 48 hours for all existing Trendsi products in your Shopify store to update to the new location, but inventory will still sync correctly during this process
  • After confirming the location change, syncing will start 1 hour after you save. Once syncing starts, it cannot be changed again for 7 days.
To change the Shopify location of your Trendsi products:

1. Mobile app: Store --> My Shopify Stores --> Store Settings
    Web app: My Account --> My Shopify Stores --> Store Settings

2. Select the Shopify location in Inventory Location (Locations are created in your Shopify admin)

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3. Click Save to confirm change
Reminder: Once saved, Inventory Location cannot be changed again for 7 days