Open Pack Wholesale

With much excitement, Trendsi is now offering Open Pack Wholesale!
  • Low minimum - MOQ 6 per color variant
  • No predetermined packs, choose any quantity of sizes available
  • Product cost per piece is cheaper when buying 6 qty. or more per style
  • Fast shipping 5 - 10 business days from overseas
Why Open Pack Wholesale?
Dropshipping is great for testing out which products are the best sellers at minimum cost and without any inventory risks. Once you identify the best sellers through dropshipping, switching to wholesale will ensure better inventory stability and customer experience- especially if you run ads or other marketing efforts for your business. This new open pack wholesale opportunity will also be very beneficial to sellers who have a traditional brick-and-mortar store, offline in-person events, or a large customer base for local pick-ups.
Fulfilled by Trendsi (Coming soon)- If you're looking to scale down your own warehouse operations while purchasing open pack wholesale, Trendsi can help. Soon you will have the option to place wholesale orders and store them in the Trendsi warehouse and we will continue to dropship for you. This solution is the best of both worlds - wholesale and dropshipping - to lock inventory and not have logistic headaches.
How to Place Order
Please note: this feature is currently available via the Trendsi web app, mobile app launch is coming soon.
Not all Trendsi products offer Open Pack Wholesale. Quickly find products by using the Type filter:
On the product detail page, select the Open Pack Whole tab to input quantity you want for each size:
1280X1280 (9)-1
Shipping Costs
Starting at $19 per wholesale order, shipping costs will be based on order size and weight. As your order volume increases, the cost per unit shipping will be cheaper.
Total shipping cost will be shown at checkout before payment confirmation:
1280X1280 (10)-1