Order Wait Time Feature

Have more control over orders that have some exceptions that could cause a delay

The amount of time you are willing to wait for a restock if an item in a paid order doesn’t pass our quality check or is not available. We will send out the order without the item and refund if the restock exceeds your preferred waiting time. You can select a time between 0 to 30 days.
Go to Account --> Settings --> Order Management
Sample Order Wait Time:
  • All orders that are placed within the Trendsi app will be considered a sample order
  • Our recommended waiting time is 0 days so that you can receive your sample orders as soon as possible
Note: Sellers who sell via Poshmark, FB Marketplace, or any other third-party platforms, please be aware and adjust this wait time according to the platform's selling criteria.
Shopify Order Wait Time:
  • Our recommended waiting time is 7 days or more so that you don't need to refund your customer for the item that is temporarily unavailable.


By default, Sample Orders is set to 0 days and Shopify Orders is set to 7 days.