Selling via WooCommerce

Since we do not currently directly integrate with WooCommerce, you will need to utilize a plugin to connect to a Shopify store that has the Trendsi Shopify app installed. 
What this means for WooCommerce sellers:
  • Need a Shopify account - $29/month
  • Need a WooCommerce Shopify Integration Plugin - $79 (one-time cost)
  • Need to manually enter the tracking number to the  WooCommerce order
  • Need a split order plugin if more than one dropshipping service is used - $49 (one-time cost)
  • More manual work to manage and track orders

Steps for WooCommerce <> Shopify Integration:

  • Allows you to import/export products, import/export orders, create cronjob syncs with web hooks, set price rules, and various other settings.
  • The plugin will export orders to Shopify, which in turn will sync to the connected Trendsi account to get fulfilled.
  • If you sell other products in addition to Trendsi, the other products will not be exported to Shopify. This creates fragmentation on the WooCommerce side when completing fulfillment and tracking. The tracking number will need to be entered manually on WooCommerce side.
  • In order to resolve this issue, you can download another plugin to automate this process. 
Download Plugin- Split Orders
  • Although complete orders can be exported from WooCommerce to the connected  Shopify store, any non Trendsi products will not be sent to Shopify. That means the complete order would also then be fulfilled on the WooCommerce side which would lead to potential confusion for the customer as they would see Trendsi items fulfilled and shipped twice with 2 conflicting tracking numbers.
  • To better handle the above issue this plugin is simple to use fro splitting orders, but once the order is split the other WooCommerce plugin mentioned above does not see the split order. It only sees the original order. There is also no way to automate splitting. 
  • Even with the orders split to separate the Trendsi products and other products in an order, it does not solve the problem of being able to get tracking back into WooCommerce from Shopify. You will need to manually copy and paste tracking back into WooCommerce orders.