Setting up your Trendsi account

Once you login to our app, we advise you to set up all your account information for faster checkout.

  • In the Trendsi mobile app, go to "Account" tab.

  • In Trendsi web app, click on the user icon on the upper right hand corner.


  • Bank Details tab is only for sellers who sell via the Trendsi personalized store. (Shopify sellers can skip this step) Setting this up will allow sellers to withdraw commissions earned to their bank account. Please see this article for more detailed information.
  • Payment Methods tab is used to store your payment information for faster checkout. Whether you want to purchase samples or if you're a Shopify seller needing to checkout for your customer's orders. 
  • Shipping Addresses tab is used to store your shipping address for samples or other kinds of purchases.
  • Submit business documents in order to buy samples. Go into a product, click "Buy Sample" button to submit. Please make sure your document is not expired and in good resolution. Submissions are approved the same day. 

    Seller Permit Upload