Trendsi Wallet

Preload funds to Trendsi Wallet to prevent credit card flagging during high-volume sales or multiple order checkouts.


Please note - Loading and managing Trendsi wallet is currently available on the web app only under Account --> Wallet.



Trendsi Wallet


1. Add Credits 

Add Credits

  • The minimum load amount is $100, maximum load amount is $5,000
    • Amount can be in any increment as long as it's above $100
  • Add a payment method to load from

Add Credits 2

2. Auto Reload - Toggle this on if you would like to automatically reload your wallet

Auto Reload

  • Choose when to automatically reload when the credit balance falls below the determined amount
    • Minimum $100
  • Determine how much to automatically reload
    • Minimum $100
  • Select which payment to automatically reload from

Auto Reload 2

3. Auto Apply in Checkout - Toggle this on to automatically apply wallet credits to Trendsi orders when there is sufficient balance

  • If the available wallet balance is not enough to cover the total order amount and you have Auto Checkout turned on, your default credit card on file will be charged until you reload wallet credit

Auto Apply

4. History - Shows up to 3 months of activity like load, reload, and usage of wallet credits.

  • History can be exported into a CSV file

Please note:

  • At this time, funds added to Trendsi wallet cannot be credited back to your original form of payment, withdrawn, or transferred to another account.
  • Credits can only be applied to your customer's Trendsi orders or sample orders.
  • Returns and refunds on orders placed with Trendsi wallet credit will be credited back to the wallet and be used for future orders.